IAPMR@Dialogues 2021 – rewatch on Youtube

IAPMR has just set up its YouTube channel. Did you miss the IAPMR@Dialogues last Fall? You can find them online:

Prof Lizzie Jackson (London South Bank University): Bricolage & Fluidity:
Towards ‘Post Channel’ PSM?
– With commentary by Madiana Asseraf-Jacob, Head of Business Development & Young Audiences, EBU, and Vilde Schanke Sundet, U. of Oslo

Prof Karen Donders (VRT / VUB) Building Bridges: PSM law, theory, and practice
– With commentary by Anette Alen-Savikko (University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law), Hilde van den Bulck (Drexel University), and Klaus Unterberger (ORF)

Prof Christian Fuchs (U. of Westminster) The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere and Public Service Media in the Age of Digital Capitalism and COVID-19
– Respondent: Prof. Slavko Splichal, University of Ljubljana